How to Write a Letter to the Chamber of Commerce

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The Chamber of Commerce--a non-profit organization that represents and promotes local businesses--is located in every city. The local businesses elect a board of directors, which will hire a President or Executive CEO who will be in charge of executing and organizing the Chamber's programs and events. If you would like to contact the Chamber of Commerce with a suggestion or solution to an issue, the most effective way to get in touch with them is to write a letter.

1 Prepare to write your letter

Prepare to write your letter. Decide what you are writing to them about. This could be a complaint, suggestion, or a lobbying letter. Then, get the name and address of the particular Chamber of Commerce member you are trying to reach.

2 Open your letter

Open your letter. Address who you are trying to write to with "Honorable," the Chamber position, followed by "Mr.," " Mrs." or "Ms." then the name.

3 Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself. Mention anything about yourself that may be relevant to the subject of your letter such as what you do for a living. This will give them information on who you are.

4 Write your main issue or purpose

Write your main issue or purpose of your letter. You can mention an issue effecting the community and a suggestion that you have for the future. Be sure to summarize the effect of the issue or suggestion, and why you think it is important.

5 Mention the issue

Mention how the issue will effect you personally and describe the action that you would like them to take. This will make the letter a little more effective and personal.

6 Close your letter

Close your letter and thank them for their consideration of your suggestions. Then, sign your full name on the letter, and include your address.

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