How to Make Prayer Petitions

Christians make a prayer of petition when they need help from God to deal with difficult situations.

Prayers of petition are made by practicing Christians who are experiencing a difficult situation in their lives. Christians ask God for help by praying for guidance and requesting situation change. Some situations Christians face that require a prayer of petition include dire financial, health or relationship problems. Christians have faith that God wants them to be happy, healthy, prosperous and saved. When you pray asking for help, you should keep God's will in mind and have faith that your prayer will be answered.

State your situation to God during a quiet time you can be alone to pray. For example, you may pray, "Lord, my wife and I are going through a trying time in our marriage."

Request God's assistance. For example, you may pray, "Lord, please give my wife and me the strength to honor our vows."

Close by praying "in the name of Jesus, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, Amen." Be confident that God has heard your prayer and it will be answered according to God's will.

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