How to Tell Someone You're Interested but Not Ready for Commitment

Commitment isn't a requirement when you're interested in someone.
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Telling someone you want to take things slow is OK, and it is necessary to communicate this to your friend. You will need to accept that you're interested and then prepare to tell her how you feel. Once you know what to do, telling her will be a simple task.

1 Taking Things Slow

You really want to get to know the person you're interested in and dating before taking the next step. When you begin dating, you should enjoy the situation, care for yourself and let go of time. Realizing these key points will prepare you to tell your love interest how you feel about commitment.

2 Communicating Your Decision

Your mind is now sorted out and you are ready to tell your love-interest that you want to see them casually. When you decide to have the talk, it's shouldn't be a surprise and you should be considerate, states Rita Watson, in her Psychology Today article, "4 Reasons to Have or to Avoid the Relationship Talk." The key point is to be honest and straightforward in how you communicate your preferences to her. This allows the situation to go as smoothly as possible.

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