How to Reverse Bad Luck. Luck is one of those things that if you believe in it, you can make a day, week or longer all seem good or all bad. When you're having good times you believe luck is on your side, but when times go bad you blame it on luck. When you're having a bout of bad luck, here's how to change it back to good.

Confirm it's bad luck. Make sure you're really having bad luck and not suffering from a mental or physical condition. People who are depressed or physically sick in some way may attribute those symptoms to bad luck. Visit your doctor to make sure this is not the case.

Identify what you believe to be the source of your bad luck. Common examples include breaking a mirror, seeing your face in the mirror by candlelight, a bat flying into your house, a rooster crowing at night, an owl outside hooting three times in a row, a picture falling, getting out of bed on the left foot or wrong side or seeing three butterflies in one place. Objects may also cause bad luck.

Turn general bad luck around by turning three times in a counter clockwise motion. Or, burn sage around your house to cleanse your home of bad vibes.

Take the object you believe is causing your bad luck and dispose of it by either burning it or throwing it under running water. You can also create what is known as a mojo bag by putting cleansing herbs such as agar and basil or purchase a pre-made good luck bag. Keep this with you or sleep with it under your pillow for three days.

Draw up a cleansing bath with hyssop and rue herbs and uncrossing bath crystals or purchase a pre-made concoction made for cleansing or luck. Arise before dawn for 13 days and every morning prepare a bath and take it first thing. Pour the water over your head while in the bath and use the remaining bath water to wash your doorstep for added protection. Take the remaining water out of the house and brush it off your front door instead of washing it down the drain.

Add uncrossing or cleansing oil to two white candles and light them immediately after your bath. Combine this with incense also made for luck, cleansing or uncrossing for added benefit. Pinch the candles after a few minutes so they will last the whole 13-day period and on the last day allow them to burn completely out on their own.

Things Needed

  • ['Special cleansing herbs and oils', 'White candles']


  • Visit stores (online or in your area) that sell Wiccan products to find some of the herbs, oils and candles you need.