Things Needed

  • ['Bed raisers', 'Loft kit']
Raised beds help open up floor space.

College students often face the problem of getting their belongings to fit neatly into a small college dormitory room. The problem worsens when sharing the room with one or more roommates. Raising a bed allows you to utilize a considerable amount of available space under the bed. Determining how you raise the bed depends on the college regulations, the shape of the room, the provided furniture and the cooperation of any roommates. Raising the bed typically requires the assistance of at least one to three people depending on the type of furniture or loft assembly you select.

Using Bed Raisers

Remove objects from around the bed area to avoid breaking them. Push other furniture aside so you can work unobstructed.

Remove the mattress, if necessary, or tuck bed covers out of the way.

Raise one end of the bed, with a person at each corner, and place the bed raisers under each bed leg post. Repeat the procedure with the opposite end of the bed.

Using Loft Kits

Remove objects from around the bed area to avoid breaking them. Push other furniture aside to allow you to work unobstructed.

Remove the mattress and bed covers.

Place the loft pins into the slots of the loft-kit frame. Connect the stabilizing rod or beam if the kit contains one.

Raise the bed off the ground and place the kit frame underneath it. Align one top corner leg hole over the pin and push together. Repeat with corner on opposite end, the other side and last corner.

Attach loft braces, clips or locks if the kit contains them. Place mattress back in the bed.


  • Climbing onto a loft bed may help you determine if the additional space makes it worth the effort of getting into and out of the bed.

    Ask the college if you need roommate agreement and loft installation forms.

    Consult the college regulations regarding bed raisers, as some colleges, such as University of Arkansas, prohibit certain materials, including bricks, wood blocks or cement blocks.

    Verify that your loft complies with the college regulations if you use a company that does not have pre-approval, instructs Iowa State University. Contact the college for an inspection, if required, as early as possible in order to have time to fix any problems that do not meet regulations.

    Always consult the loft kit instructions for variations or additional requirements.


  • Contact your college to determine regulations regarding raised beds or lofted beds as the university may prohibit them, require you to rent from the university or specific companies, use supplied furniture or follow certain guidelines.

    Make sure the placement of the loft complies with college regulations regarding fire safety hazards, such as blocking door openings or windows.

    Some colleges have different regulations depending on the dormitory and result in your loft's not meeting regulations if you change dormitories.