How to Build a Church Pew

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A wooden pew gives you faithful support. With a pew under them, humble church members often feel more comfortable attending services. Making the pew takes only time and devotion. Anyone with commitment can build a church bench for their church.

1 Pew Building Instructions

2 Saw two 20 inch x 34 inch boards x 34

Saw two 20 inch x 34 inch boards into an angled L shape to make the two frame ends. First, draw the two L shapes. With the long side up on the board for the left end, measure 2 inches on the top from the left side and mark. Measure up 15 inches from the bottom and 5 inches in from the left side and place a mark. For the last measure, place a mark 16 inches up on the right side. Repeat for the right side with the right and left reversed. Saw each board along the two lines. Use the sanding block with rough sandpaper to round the two top back corners.

3 Cut the boards

Cut the boards to the right length for the frame, seat and back. For the frame, cut one 4 inch x 3 foot cross support from the 4 inch x 4 foot board and one 2 inch x 3 feet lower back brace from the 2 inch x 4 foot board.

4 Cut four 4 inch seat boards

From the two 4 inch x 10 foot boards, cut four 4 inch seat boards. Saw one 2 inch x 4 foot back seat board from the 2 inch x 5 foot board. Make the four boards for the pew back by cutting four 3 inch x 4 foot pieces from the 3 inch x 10 foot boards.

5 Make a trustworthy frame

Make a trustworthy frame. With the wide board facing up, place the cross support one foot above the floor and one foot in from the frame back, between the two L shaped frame ends. Glue in place, and secure the frame. Use wood screws to firmly join the support to the ends. Set the lower back brace 1 inch above the floor and 2 inches in from the back. Glue the brace in and join to the frame ends with screws.

6 Lay in the seat and back

Lay in the seat and back. Begin with the seat piece. Set the piece in the farthest seat corner so the 2 inch side faces the front. Glue in place and attach with finishing nails. From the back, place the 4 inch by 4 foot boards on the frame ends before applying glue and nails until the last board hangs over the end fronts by 1 inch.

7 For the back

For the back, begin with the bottom back board. Place the 3 inch x 4 foot board six inches up from the back seat piece and secure in place with glue and nails. One at a time, lay the three remaining boards above the last nailed board. The final back board will stand above the frame back by one inch.

8 Sand the pew

Sand the pew. Use 130-grit, 180-grit and 220-grit sandpaper to sand the entire pew even and smooth. Remove all rough grains and sharp edges.

9 Stain the furniture

Stain the furniture. Give the pew a good appearance by brushing it with a deep brown stain.

Adam Benjamin Pollack is a San Diego native dedicated to the great sentences on civil society. He authored the Subchapter S Report to tell legal news for the American Bankers Association. He holds a Juris Doctor from Indiana University and a Master of Public Policy from University of California, Berkeley.