How to Install Church Pews

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Church pews are the traditional seating arrangement for many churches. Described as an extra long bench, church pews provide a lot of seating in the sanctuary, and they remain in place at all times. Installing church pews correctly means a sturdy seating arrangement for the congregation year after year.

1 Mark

Mark off your sanctuary with masking tape so you know where to install church pews. A typical sanctuary requires a large area between the first pew and the stage of at least six feet, left and right aisles that are 30 inches to 36 inches wide, and a rear walkway of at least 30 inches.

2 Move the pews into the sanctuary

Move the pews into the sanctuary, one at a time, and place them in the area where they will sit. Because church pews are heavy, it may require a team of people to move each pew.

3 Space

Space the pews so you have plenty of room for people to sit comfortably, and so people can pass by if necessary. When you measure the back of one pew to the back of the next pew, aim for 36 inches apart.

4 Bolt the pews

Bolt the pews to the floor to keep it from shifting over time and from tipping over if too many people stand or sit on the pew at the same time. Mounting the pews to the floor with angle brackets is a good option. Drill a wood screw through one side of the angle bracket into the inside leg of the church pew. Drill a concrete screw into the other side of the angle bracket into the floor. For best results, use two angle brackets per leg.

5 Your church pews

Polish your church pews to remove any scratches or dust that may have accumulated during the installation process.

6 Top

Top your church pews with cushions to make the seat more comfortable.

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