Prepare to Preach a Sermon

Do you have to preach Sunday? Do you know what the Lord wants you to preach? Stay tuned. I want to share with you some simple preparations to take before you preach.

  1. Before you, Preach you need to pray.

Preaching is not about talking about whatever you feel. No man or woman of God. Preaching is about proclaiming the message of whatever God is saying to a specific congregation or group of people for a specific time. In order for you know what that message is, you need to pray until you hear from God.

  1. Before you Preach, you need to have already been studying the word.

Do not get in the habit of just looking for a message to preach. If you have a regular study time of reading the word and meditating on it day and night, God will give you a message or word in the midst of your regular study time.

  1. Before you Preach, write down in outline form what you will cover.

What is your scripture text? What is your antithesis. This is generally stated, There are times in all of our lives when.......(whatever the negative is..)

What is your answer to the antithesis? You have to bring forward the solution based on God's word so that the people will be informed.

What are your three points with scripture reference?

What is your conclusion? What should the people walk away with as a result of hearing you preach.

Before you preach, know your audience.

Ask God to tell you what the people need. There is no need preaching about finances, if the people are already financially set and are excellent givers.