How to Join a Private Military

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A private military force, or mercenary group, performs several functions for nation-states. Many of these groups help in large scale wars or minor military campaigns without the need of a country's troops or resources. If you are interested in joining a private military force, you need a few requirements beforehand to become part of such organizations.

1 Join the military

Join the military or have security experience in some capacity. Having some experience in the armed forces or in a security field is helpful when transitioning to private services.

2 Train at a tactical operations camp

Train at a tactical operations camp. Tactical operations camps are across the world and help train civilians to ex-military on proper procedures for mercenary missions. Highlighting time spent at such camps is a great supplement on a resume.

3 Learn about current global affairs

Learn about current global affairs. Security firms or educational programs may help you become accustomed to the current military climate. These courses may also help you understand unique cultural issues in the world. Other tools that one can learn is another language and profile assessment.

4 View a directory of private firms

View a directory of private firms. Private military companies are like any company and they should have websites with job listings. Try to match your interests and experience with a possible job opening at these firms.

5 Craft a resume

Craft a resume. Your resume needs to highlight your security training, your leadership skills and your tactical experience. Network your experience at operations camps and your military background.

6 Contact the private firm's

Contact the private firm's human resource department after you give them your resume. You might have to wait for call backs and a private firm's background check before an interview may be set up.

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