Fund raising with a raffle can be a great way to earn quick cash for any organization. One type of raffle, called the 50-50, requires nothing more than a few people and a roll of tickets. Tickets are sold to participants, with the prize being half the proceeds collected during sales. The other half goes directly to the fund raising group, making it a simple way to earn cash.

Purchase double-roll type tickets. The color and style is up to you – most come pre-printed with name, address, and phone number lines on the back of each ticket. However, for a 50-50 raffle, it really isn’t necessary, so don’t worry if your tickets don’t have this information on them. Double-roll tickets are preferred because they make sales goes quicker, just hand one to the customer, and drop the other in the secure ticket box. Otherwise, if single tickets are used, the customer will need to write their name and contact information on the back of the ticket before it is deposited, so when the winning ticket is pulled, you will know who it belongs to. Double tickets eliminate the need for this, since the customer will have the second identical ticket in their hand when the winner is called.

Gather a large group of individuals who are outgoing, the more personable, the better! It helps to have groups of two (one to carry cash, the other to carry tickets), but individuals can sell just as well. The most important thing is to get volunteers who are excited about the group they are raising funds for. That excitement will help sell more tickets, which means more money for your group!

Most 50-50 raffles give price breaks to big-ticket buyers. A common formula is one ticket for $1, six tickets for $5.00, fifteen tickets for $10.00, and thirty-five tickets for $20.00. Basically, your customers get more “free” tickets if they spend more. However, you can choose whatever prices you like – just remember that bigger incentives for spending more money increases the likelihood of ticket buyers spending more money!

Before the raffle begins, you should chose some sort of “safe” spot for the ticket stubs collected from ticket buyers, the ticket box. It is a good idea to have one person guarding the box at all times. Keeping the box in a visible area lets ticket buyers watch as ticket sellers add stubs to the pot, and may encourage buyers to buy more as they see the box grow full of tickets – because more tickets means more money for them to have a chance at winning! It is also a good idea to decorate your pot with your organizations name, to remind buyers where the funds raised are going to, like the example show at left.

This is the key step of the 50-50 raffle – selling as many tickets as you can. With a 50-50 raffle, half the money goes to the winner, and the other half goes to the organization selling the tickets. For example, if $300 worth of tickets are sold, the winner of the raffle would receive $150, and the organization selling the tickets would get the other $150. The money is split 50-50. More tickets sold means more money for both the winner AND your organization, so be sure to let the crowd you’re selling to know the total as the pot builds!

After you’ve sold all the ticket possible (or you’ve reached a pre-determined end-of-raffle time, such as halftime at a football game) it’s time to draw a winner! But just before you take that final step, count out all the money you’ve collected and figure out the total. Once you’ve calculated how much money you’ve collected overall, take that number and divide it in half. That amount is what you will hand over to the winner, and the other half belongs to the organization you are selling them for!

If you are at a large venue, be sure to arrange for proper voice amplification ahead of time, either from a microphone or with help from an announcer. Once you’re ready, reach in that big pot of tickets and draw out one (Just one!) – the person holding the ticket with the same number as the one you’ve draw is your lucky 50-50 winner! After checking to make sure their numbers do indeed match the winning ones, hand them over their share of the cash. Congratulations – you’ve just complete a successful raffle fundraiser!

Things Needed

  • ['Raffle Tickets - Double Roll Type* (See explanation below in “Tips”)', 'Secure box to store tickets in', 'Lots of people (Both to sell & buy tickets)']


  • For a 50-50 raffle, it is easiest if you purchase a double-roll type of ticket like that show to the left. These tickets allow the purchaser to keep one ticket, while the raffle holder will take the other ticket with the identical number to the raffle box. This keeps ticket sellers from having to wait for ticket buyers to write their information on the tickets before depositing them into the raffle box. That means more time for ticket sales!

    If your raising money for a particular cause have your ticket sellers inform buyers. It could be that extra push to get them to spend more money.

    Make sure you can be heard when you announce that winning number! You don’t want your winner to miss hearing their number called!


  • Make sure you have trustworthy ticket sellers who won’t pocket funds for themselves, or forget to return tickets to the ticket box.