How to Find the Names of Former Navy Seals

How to Find the Names of Former Navy Seals

The Navy SEALs are a special operations group associated with the Navy. This is an elite team of military personnel. While the military does have a database of most of the Navy SEALs, normal citizens do not have access to the database because it contains classified information. When someone is claiming to be a former SEAL and it seems false, or when you are looking for someone known as a SEAL, there are ways for you to find the individual.

Send information to Leatherneck Magazine. Leatherneck Magazine is also called the Magazine of the Marines. The address is P.O. Box 1775 in Quantico, VA 22134. According to, the magazine runs a monthly issue and has a section called “Mail Call.” This is one method of contacting former Marines or SEALs who are not found easily. Send a note to the former Navy SEAL through the magazine and the magazine will pass the note to the SEAL that you are searching for.

Ask around at the Special Operations Community Network. This network is an online resource made up of Special Operations groups from the various military branches. The network has Navy SEALs forums available. Ask about the individual in the network. The SEALs might not know the individual, but if there is a doubt about an individual claiming to be a former SEAL, the forum can offer information about how to determine if the person is a former SEAL or not. For example, it might point out suspicious statements to watch for or actions a former SEAL would not permit.

Look at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall website. This is a good resource for anyone looking for someone who might have been killed during the Vietnam war. Navy SEALs who died during Vietnam are also listed on the wall with other soldiers. The search options allow looking for names according to service and rank — SEALs are not identified specifically as such.

Go to VeriSEAL’s website. The website takes requests for verification of individuals who claim Navy SEAL status and may help determine if an individual is really a former SEAL or not. Generally, VeriSEAL works with law enforcement or similar agencies; they only work with individuals based on the circumstances.

Look on Big Island Forum’s website. The website has information about former SEALs who’ve died in action. The names are listed on a last name basis and are in alphabetical order.

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