How to Do Hypnosis Over the Phone

Do Hypnosis Over the Phone

Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated human change. But did you know it can even happen over the telephone? Here's how I do hypnosis over the phone.

Have the customer relax and get in an environment that has no distractions. A television, computer or barking dog can take away from the relaxation you're trying to achieve. Have the client do some breathing exercises to get in the proper mood.

Start with your induction. The induction is what puts someone under and lets him relax to the fullest. There are many out there to choose from, or you can write your own. The induction is the central part of your entire hypnosis experience for your customer. This is what takes people "under" and makes them feel more relaxed and serene.

Perform a few tests after a few minutes to find out if the customer is under a trance.

Move forward into whatever area your client wants help with, once she is deep enough into a trance. Some clients just want to relax, some might want help with willpower for trying to stop smoking or weight loss. There's even a huge call for erotic hypnotists who allow their clients to play out different fantasies they might not otherwise experience. The sky is the limit, as long as your clients are in the proper trance and deep enough in it. That way they can experience exactly what you are telling them to experience.

Rely on your instinct to see how the customer is reacting to the trance, since you can't use visual cues over the phone. Remember that the client is still hearing your voice as if you were in the same room. If you're an experienced hypnotist, you can usually tell how your clients are doing and whether or not they are fully under a trance.

Rest assured that hypnosis works over the phone as well as it does in person. Clients might even feel more comfortable over the phone, since no one can see them or judge them for whatever they might ask of you. As with any hypnosis session, wake them up from the trance after the session is over.

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