If I Drowned My iPhone, What Can I Do?

Quick thinking and a bag of rice can be enough to save your soaked iPhone.
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Electronic devices and water don't mix, and cell phones are no exception. If you've dunked your iPhone in your coffee, the sink, or even the toilet, all may not be lost. If you take swift action to turn off the phone and begin the drying process, your iPhone may live to see another game of Angry Birds.

1 Resuscitating a Drowned Phone

Immediately after the phone gets wet, hold down the power button and shut the phone off. If electricity continues to flow through the phone, the water can cause short circuits which destroy components. Removing the battery is ideal, but unfortunately not an option with the iPhone. Next, remove any case or cover on the phone, remove the SIM card and unplug any accessories connected to the phone to allow air to flow in and around the phone to facilitate drying. Wipe down the phone with a soft dry cloth to soak up any excess exterior water. If you have access to a wet/dry vacuum, use it to draw water out of the phone. Finally, submerge the phone in a sealed bag of uncooked rice, silica gel packets, or a combination of both. The rice and gel will naturally wick moisture out of the phone. Wait at least 24 hours before trying to power up the phone again.

2 Things To Avoid

Avoid any drying method that uses heat, including hair dryers, direct sunlight, ovens, or microwaves. While the heat will dry the phone, it will also damage the electrical components within the phone.

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