How to Create a Political Action Committee. Political Action Committees are organizations that raise money to contribute to political parties or candidates. A Political Action Committee can be tied to a business, candidate, party or organization, but they can also be established as a "non-connected committee" that is unaffiliated. The steps for creating a Political Action Committee are basically the same whether it is connected or not.

Come up with a political purpose. You can create a Political Action Committee for a candidate, a party or an issue. It only needs to be something that you can promote to others that have the same political goal who will be willing to contribute money.

Name your Political Action Committee. The name can be an abbreviation or acronym that connects the name to the goal of the Political Action Committee. However, like any other name, the primary goal is to make sure that it is not easy to make fun of.

Register your Political Action Committee with the Federal Election Commission. A connected Political Action Committee must register within ten days of its inception, but a nonconnected Political Action Committee does not have to register until it has distributed $1,000 in a calendar year towards federal elections. Every Political Action Committee requires a treasurer so when you create your Political Action Committee you will have to name someone was the treasurer.

Keep accurate records. A Political Action Committee must provide complete reports to the FEC regarding all spending on federal elections. There are specific guidelines that regulate who can give and how much can be donated to the Political Action Committee as well as how much a Political Action Committee can contribute to a campaign. Failing to document every donation and contribution will bring grave consequences.

Raise and contribute money. The whole reason for creating a Political Action Committee is to be able to contribute money to candidates or parties who will work to push for issues that are important to that Political Action Committee.

Things Needed

  • ['A passion for politics', 'The ability to fundraise']


  • Political Action Committees are closely watched and heavily regulated. The regulations are not confusing, but you better make sure you know what you can and cannot do before you begin accepting donations.