How to Cite Military Specifications

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Many series of documents are made available for public viewing and may be used for citing military standards, and federal and military specifications. The method of citation for these military specifications is specified by Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL), which focuses on research activities and provides coordination with communities in regard to military operations. CERL follows the author-date format for citing references, which is based on the Chicago Manual of Style, 13th ed., as well the Government Printing Office Style Manual.

1 Find the document

Find the document that you want to cite -- for instance, “FSC 5935 Molds, and mold heating platen for molding electrical connectors and cables (Metric).”

2 List the Military Specification document name for in-text short referencing

List the Military Specification document name for in-text short referencing. It should be in parenthesis without separating by comma; for example, (Military Specification [MIL]-T-5955C).

3 List the long reference in the bibliography

List the long reference in the bibliography. For citing a Military Specification, first write the document name followed by the publishing agency, series title and date. For instance:

4 Military Specification

Military Specification (MIL)-T-5955C, Transmission Systems, Helicopter, General Requirements for VSMF, revision C (DOD, 17 September 1970).

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