How to Write a Research Proposal for College

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Constructing a research proposal for college can be a frustrating and difficult process. If you follow the research proposal format and provide detailed and concise information it will drastically improve your chances of acceptance by its reviewers. Every major field of study in the academic community uses the same basic structure to compose a research proposal which consists of the six main sections described below.

1 Construct an introduction page

Construct an introduction page for the research proposal consisting of an overview that details the topic the research paper will tackle. Provide the readers with a background of the topic that peaks their interests while also presenting the problem you hope to examine.

2 Write a second more detailed paragraph

Write a second more detailed paragraph that concentrates specifically on the reasoning behind the research topic and what you hope to either prove, discover or examine. This paragraph should have a detailed synopsis that describes the purpose for your research also known as the rationale.

3 Write a 300 word paragraph

Write a 300 word paragraph detailing the various steps that will be taken during the research project and what you expect to be the end result. This section should describe the specific procedures you plan to use to arrive at your final results.

4 Write a short paragraph

Write a short paragraph detailing the expected time frame for the the research project. Make sure to be as specific as possible when estimating how long each aspect of the project will last.

5 Write a page

Write a page that consists of a list of the supplies, resources and any outside sources that you plan to utilize during the completion of the research project.

6 Write a short conclusion

Write a short conclusion that details the significance of the study, what potential achievements you hope to discover with your research and how this may affect the future of this field.

  • Make sure to have as many people as possible proofread your proposal before submitting it for approval.

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