Microsoft's Excel is a powerful tool that many professionals use to organize and present their data. Excel has many capabilities for organizing data though most often tables are created on an individual worksheet. When writing in American Psychological Association style, referencing such a worksheet should follow the guidelines for a table.

The Reference Page

Like any other table, an Excel worksheet must be listed alphabetically by the author's name. The format for an Excel table from an online resource is as follows: Author. (Publication Date). Title table [table]. Title of website. Retrieved from URL.

The title of the website has to be italicized. If the table does not have a title, then in this section write a brief description about what the table presents and place this in brackets.

In-Text Citation

When using the table in your paper, place the in-text citation below the graphic. The format is as follows: Note. From table title, author. As in the reference page, the title of the table must be italicized.