How to Call a Spirit to a Ouija Board

Most people at some point wonder about contacting the dead, but how do you go about it? Using a Ouija board is one way people have claimed to have contacted the dearly departed.

Get a friend to use the Ouija board with you. It takes two people to be sure you're not moving the planchette or coin.

Minimize distractions. Turn off the radio, television, lights and anything else that makes noise.

Sit down with your and your friend's knees touching, and place the board on your laps. Placing the board on your lap instead of a table or the floor is supposed to increase the possibility of contacting a spirit.

Decide who will ask the questions. Although anyone can ask a question, only one person should be the formal questioner.

Place your fingers lightly on the planchette or coin. Have your partner do the same.

Move the planchette or coin around the board in a circle a few times to get the energy flowing.

Announce your intention to the spirits, and invite only positive entities in.

Ask a simple question, one that requires a yes or no answer.

Give the spirits a few minutes to answer. When a spirit does answer, be polite and ask your questions.

Close the board when the session is done. Slide the planchette or coin onto the word goodbye, and remove your hands from the planchette or coin together. Some experienced practitioners say you should also say goodbye. Closing the board is an important step. It allows the spirit to leave and closes the door between the spirit world and yours.

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