How to Avoid Rural-Urban Migration

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Rural-urban migration is due to several factors including poverty. Therefore, we should avoid it due to its negative impacts. This article reveals how.

1 Create employment opportunities

Create employment opportunities to reduce on mobility of labor.

2 Promote agriculture and farming and

Promote agriculture and farming in order to avoid poverty among people.

3 Improve on transport and communication network

Improve on transport and communication network.

4 Improve on infrastractural development

Improve on infrastractural development by constructing modern schools and hospitals.

5 Improve on security

Improve on security and provide security services in rural areas in order to promote peace.

6 Make land reforms

Make land reforms to enable the poor and low income earners get access on land.

7 Develop themselves

Sensetise people regarding the effects of rural urban migration and how they can develop themselves in villages

8 Provide credit facilities

Provide credit facilities in rural areas to enable easy accessibility on finance.

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