What Is Happening When Google Drive Says It Is Reconnecting?

Troubleshoot the cause of Google Drive's
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Frustration can set in easily when Google Drive stops working and says it’s "Reconnecting" -- especially if your ideas are flowing, you’re working on a shared project or on deadline. This message indicates that something on your end or Google’s end is interfering with your connection to Google’s servers.

1 Internet Service

Visit other websites to determine if your connection is to blame. If pages load slower than usual or not at all, reset your modem and/or router and check all cable and electrical cord connections. If necessary, contact your ISP for assistance.

2 Drive App

Drive’s browser add-on sometimes stops working or experiences interference from other newly installed apps. Go to your browser’s add-on-management screen, disable recently-added add-ons and retry the document. If it won’t open or connect, uninstall Drive’s add-on, re-install it and try again.

3 System Resources

A connectivity issue can also result from a drain on system resources. Close all tabs/programs except for the document, clear the browser's history and cache and refresh the page. If a long or graphics-heavy Drive document is the problem, consider installing additional memory or using a different storage/suite product.

4 Other Causes

Malicious software can interfere with websites and browsers, negatively impacting systems resources. If you still can’t connect, scan your computer. If the issue persists, go to the Google Drive product forum (link in Resources) to check for issue updates and request assistance.

5 Disclaimer

Information in this article applies to Google Drive as of February 2014. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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