Facebook Freezes While Typing Comments

Some browsers are more resource-heavy than others.
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For many people Facebook is the center of the Internet; when it goes down, the world seems to stop with it. Most errors can be resolved on your computer by ensuring that you're using your browser and computer resources efficiently. However, Facebook's servers do occasionally have errors that can cause the website to malfunction.

1 Browsers Issues

Allow Facebook to finish loading before you begin to type a status update or comment. If your browser tries to process all of the individual elements on Facebook while also processing your keyboard input, this can cause your browser to lag and freeze. If Facebook takes too long to load, check that none of your extensions modify Facebook. User-made extensions can cause errors in the browser and on the websites they modify.

2 Computer Resources

If you find that Facebook consistently loads slowly on your computer, it may be an issue with your bandwidth or computer resources. For instance, tabs and extensions eat up memory; the more you have open, the slower your computer becomes. If you have a lot of active tabs or programs open at the same time, this can cause your browser to lag or freeze.

3 Facebook Errors

If you only have an occasional problem with Facebook, it may just be that Facebook has an error on its end. Facebook provides status updates on the "Platform Status" page. This shows previous errors and when they were resolved, and the current status of the website (link in Resources). If you suspect Facebook is having a problem and the platform status page shows the website is functioning, open the Settings menu and select "Report a Problem."

4 Troubleshooting

Try using your browser without extensions enabled. Firefox offers this in the form of "Safe Mode," which you can enable from the "Help" menu as "Restart with Add-ons Disabled." In Chrome, load up an Incognito window; most extensions do not run in Incognito mode, giving you a clean browser experience. For bandwidth or computer resource issues, close down any programs and background processes that may be drawing resources away from your browser. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about Facebook issues except wait until the problem is resolved.

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