Getting Paid for Donating Your Body

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With the rising unemployment, people are finding more interesting ways of earning money to scrape together a living. What most people do not know is that a substantial income can be acquired by simply donating/selling parts of their body. For a minimum of $50 a week, people can live by these tough times by simply shedding parts of their body for health and science.

Living near a local community college is an advantage. Schools teaching medicine, nursing, liberal arts and psychology will certainly require participants and body fluid sources. Your options will be limited to the number of blood bank, cryobanks or special centers established in your area. Also, you can always use the Internet to search for companies and schools that need whatever you have in excess.

It is not legal to sell kidneys, peddle your plasma or anything that your body can produce. Companies compensate the donors for their time.

1 Ways to Donate

There is a variety of options by which you can sell parts of your body. Compensations depend on the company or organization in charge.

2 Plasma

Plasma is the protein-packed liquid component in the blood. In truth, donors only supply 70% of the current demand for plasma. With its strong and steady demand, regular donors usually pocket more than $200 per month.

3 Sperm

Sperm donation has perhaps the most stringent rules imposed on its donors. On the average, 95 percent of the applications usually don’t make it in the cut. This is because cryobanks are searching for ideal qualifications, such as 6 foot tall, medium build, medium complexion, blond or brown hair, college background and dimples, which most women want. Applicants are usually asked to complete a 40-page medical history covering three generations. In general, sperm donors earn up to $1,000 a month.

4 Eggs

Egg donors can earn between $3,000 to $8,000 and more if the donor meets more specific characteristics, such as high SAT scores and absolutely no genetic diseases.

5 Participation in Clinical Trials

Participation in various psychological studies or in an observation of the effects of certain treatments presents a great way to earn cash. There’s no need to worry though, there are FDA guidelines that apply to the protection of the participants.

6 Hair

Excess hair can be donated for use on wigs. Aside from getting a free haircut, your hair donation can shell out $30 to $50.

7 Getting Paid

In order to get paid for donating your body, all you need to do is meet the requirements, understand the process of donation, make an appointment and show up in time for the collection of your donated part.