How to Be Funny at School

Tickle your classmates' funny bones with a hilarious story.
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Learning how to be funny can score you new friends or improve your friendships at school. Using humor has a social benefit of helping you to attract people to you and connect to them, according to the article "Laughter is the Best Medicine." Use several comical strategies to get others to laugh and you will shortly be known as that funny guy or girl everyone wants to hang around.

1 Talk About Funny Moments

Share an embarrassing moment with your friends and classmates to give them a good chuckle. Show that you see the lighter side of life by talking about a time you took yourself too seriously, suggests It may not have been funny when it first happened, but when you look back you realize it was quite comical. Perhaps you can talk about the time you thought a snake got into your tent during a camping trip only to find out it was a stick. Maybe you can tell them about the time you fell for an April Fool's Day prank.

2 Be the Class Clown

Make a joke out of any mishaps that occur during your school day. Finding humor in rough situations can put you and others around you in a better mood. Perhaps you slip on something in front of a group of your classmates. Instead of getting upset, laugh at yourself. You could say "Yeah, I did that on purpose" or "That wasn't me. Did you feel that earthquake, everyone?" Maybe you are late for your first period class. When entering class, you could say apologize for being late, blaming your tardiness on an alien abduction.

3 Show Off Your Silliness

Simple things can be done to let people in school know you have a lighthearted side. Add humor to your environment and make yourself and others laugh, advises psychotherapist Maud Purcell in her Psych Central article "The Healing Power of Humor." Perhaps you can gather some of your friends at lunch time and snap pictures of the group of you making silly facial expressions and poses. Hang the pictures up in your locker. Or incorporate your silly side through your school supplies. Buy cartoon character folders and pencils to use or wear your backpack inside out.

4 Speak With a Hilarious Tone

You can bring humor into your conversations by using funny voices and accents. Think of a funny way to greet your classmates and friends. You can pretend to be a cowboy or talk like an alien, greeting your classmates as "Earthlings" and offering up information about your home planet. Additionally, make everyone laugh by doing impersonations of your teachers at lunch time. Have them guess what teacher you are pretending to be.

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