How to play Bible Wheel of Fortune with Kids in Sunday School or Kids Church

Play a learning game in Sunday school.

Good children's ministers and Sunday school teachers are constantly creating or looking for fun new game ideas to use in children's church. Bible Wheel of Fortune is a Bible game intended for a group of twenty or fewer. Use this game as an exciting way to emphasize main points of the children's lesson.

Write several key words and phrases from the lesson on index cards; they will be used as the hidden words.

Set up the first game by putting blank spaces on the whiteboard or chalkboard. Each empty space represents each letter in the word or phrase. Shuffle and place the deck of cards on a stool or table in front of the board.

Divide the class into two or three teams. Choose a team to go first. The team will send a member forward to draw a card. The card number determines the value as follows: Ace = 100 2 = 200 3 = 300 4 = 400 5 = 500 6 = 600 7 = 700 8 = 800 9 = 900 10 = 100 Jack = Lose a turn Queen = Free turn King = Double points of next card.

After the youth draws a card, he can guess a letter to be revealed on board. If the letter is not on the board, the turn is over. If the letter is on the board, the team receives the points from the card multiplied by the number of times the letter appears on the board. The team will then get 20 seconds to guess the hidden word/phrase. If the team can not guess correctly the next team will take its turn and follow the same process. Continue taking turns until a team guesses correctly. The team that wins keeps all its points. The game can be played several times.

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