Teen Game Ideas for Field Day

Field days can be as competitive or as light-hearted as you like.

Field days allow teenagers to exercise and compete in a fun, outdoor atmosphere. To make your field day memorable, you can add a twist to traditional field games such as three-legged races or relay races, or replace these activities with original games. Since students may not be familiar with the rules of these new games or changes in old games, make sure to carefully explain each game before competition begins.

1 Cone-Ball Relay

Hold a cone-ball relay race. Each team must line up single file. For each team, set one traffic cone with a hole in the top 20 yards away. Give the first player on each team a tennis ball. These players run the ball to the cone, balance the ball on top of the cone then run back to tag the second player. The second player then runs to the cone to retrieve the ball, then runs back to hand off the ball to the third player. The third player replaces the ball on the cone. Have teams continue for a designated amount of time. Every time a team places the ball on cone, they get a point. Whoever has the most points when time expires wins.

2 Toe Grab

The toe grab game requires an inflatable pool, plastic cups or bowls and glass marbles. Fill the pool with water and spread the marbles around in the pool. Competitiors remove shoes and socks and pick up as many marbles with their toes as they can, depositing the marbles into plastic cups. Give each student five or 10 minutes to complete the task. The students receive one point for each marble that makes it into the cup. Make sure to have towels for the students so they can dry off their feet.

3 Hula Hoop Races

Replace the traditional sack race with a hula hoop race. As an individual event, the students line up, ready to race. Each student gets a hula hoop. When they receive the go-signal, they must make it to the finish line while keeping the hula hoop spinning around their waists. The first person to the finish line with the hoop around his waist wins, but if a hoop falls to the ground or stops spinning, the competitor is disqualified. You can also turn this game into a team event, or make the game easier by only requiring the participants to spin the hoop on their arms.

4 Sled Races

Have kids bring sleds to field day, and tie a rope to each sled. Break students into pairs, with one sitting on the sled while the other one pulls the sled. The first team to the finish line wins. You can also make the game more fun by having groups of students pull teachers on sleds, or even set up a simple and safe obstacle course.

Kristen Marquette has been a professional writer since 2009 when FireLight Books published her debut novel, "The Vampiric Housewife." Since 2000 she has helped students hone their written and verbal skills in English as a tutor. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University.