According to Google, some Chrome users have reported choppy video playback, particularly in full screen mode, when using the browser. The issue arose when the browser got a new default Flash player with the release of version 21 of Chrome in August 2012, when Google replaced the Adobe Flash plugin with the Pepper Flash plugin that may be incompatible with your system. Disable Pepper Flash to resolve issues with choppy and jerky video playback.


Before removing Pepper Flash, first install another Flash plugin so that Chrome continues to support Flash. Open the Adobe Flash Plugin page (link in Resources), and then install the Flash plugin for Chrome.


To disable Pepper Flash, open a new window in Chrome, type “chrome://plugins” or “about:plugins" (without the quotation marks) in the address bar, and then press "Enter" to open the Chrome Plugins page. Expand the details so you can view each complete plugin entry, and then locate the Pepper Flash plugin. The name “Pepper Flash” is not noted in the description, but the name is in the file path for the plugin, and the name of the referenced file in the Location Type line is “pepflashplayer.dll.” Click the "Disable" link in the Details entry to disable the plugin and have Chrome revert to the replacement Flash plugin. Close the browser, and then restart it after a few seconds to make sure the process has terminated.