How to Help a Female Friend Deal With a Breakup

Help distract your friend from her breakup with a party.
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When someone is going through a breakup, psychologists recommend that they surround themselves with friends. It is one of the best ways to get over the pain of losing a relationship. If your friend has recently separated from her romantic partner, you can make a difference in her life. Show your support through strategies that help her find closure and reaffirm her inner strength and beauty.

1 Listen to Her

When your friend is experiencing heartbreak, she may want to talk it out. Be the comforting supporter who listens. As she cries, laughs or angrily vents her emotions, give her the gift of your attention. Avoid taking sides in the breakup. Just listen and sympathize.

2 Make Plans

Provide entertainment that cheers and distracts her from the painful, angry or confusing feelings she is experiencing. Give her something exciting to look forward to by making plans together to do something out of the house. Choose an activity that is healthy and physical, such as dancing or exercising. Alternatively, take your friend out for a day at the spa. Psychologists report that stress triggers the brain's need to connect. Relaxing self-care rituals may help boost her mood and self-esteem while lowering stress.

3 Affirm Her Identity

Focus on affirming your friend's positive characteristics. This slowly brings about closure for her. You can do this in person or by surprising your friend with an email or postcard. Tell her why she is special, strong and lovable. List the qualities that make her a powerful, independent woman. Mention all the new opportunities she can now enjoy without being accountable to a romantic partner. This empowers your friend to see the situation from a new, hopeful perspective.

4 Guard Her Borders

After a breakup, cutting off an ex-partner can be difficult. Encourage your friend to set boundaries regarding her ex. Help her end communication she might have with this person. She should consider deleting his number from her cell phone and blocking him from social media networks. If your friend must maintain contact with her ex -- he is a coworker or goes to her school -- warn her to keep contact to a professional minimum.

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