How to Express Your Love in a Text

Let your love interest know when something reminds you of him.
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Texting can allow you to transmit your romantic thoughts as you're experiencing them. However, communicating your feelings clearly can be tricky. By expressing yourself in straightforward manner and using short sentiments, you can avoid misinterpretation and brighten your loved one's day.

1 Clear and Concise

A primary consideration when texting important messages, such as an expression of love, is the potential for misunderstanding. Word choice and tone are hard to convey in brief messages, notes Ceri Marsh, an etiquette expert, in the "USA Today" article “Can Love Blossom in a Text Message?” To ensure that you two are on the same page, text serious emotions only when you are already accustomed to each other's texting patterns and have been misunderstanding-free with texting for some time. At that point, a basic and to-the-point message can do the trick. “Thinking of you” is a common romantic thought conveyed through text, found a survey conducted by AT&T. Although “Love you!” is acceptable down the line, make sure your initial expression of this sentiment is conducted in person.

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