How to End a Friendship With a Guy When Communication Has Dwindled

Schedule face time to talk about ending the friendship.
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Poor communication is a deal-breaker in any relationship. It is important for friendships to develop to their fullest potential as you share your feelings, interests, life events and goals. If you or your guy friend have been getting in touch less and less often, the sooner you confront the issue, the quicker you will be able to get closure.

1 Accept the Reality

After trying all you can to communicate with your friend, you will eventually have to accept the fact that he is pulling away. Understand that your friendship is already coming to an end because it is difficult to continue having a close bond if there is no communication. Sometimes friendships, like any other relationship, do come to an end. Choosing to let go of your friend may be the best decision at this point, as it may promote your overall well-being. You may finally be able to get some answers concerning his lack of communication. Prepare to move on by focusing your time and energy into your other relationships.

2 Say It In Person

Be as direct as possible in your approach. Don’t text, email or have the conversation over the phone. These methods may make you seem insensitive or appear to be a coward. Get in touch with him directly to schedule a time when you can meet face-to-face. If he is too far away for a meeting, arrange to talk over video chat. Make sure to choose a time and place where you can speak without being overheard. Don't delay too long. The sooner you can get closure on the situation, the quicker you will be able to move on.

3 Be Honest But Kind

Don't beat around the bush about the issues that are bothering you, notes the article, "How to Break Up Respectfully," on the KidsHealth website. You may want to ask direct questions about why he hasn't been getting in touch and sharing like he did before. Tell him how you have been affected by not being able to connect with him. It is OK to admit how much you have missed sharing stories and getting his opinion. Be honest about why you may not have been keeping in touch. Tell him that despite all that you have been through as friends, you feel that you have grown apart and you want to officially end the friendship.

4 Highlight the Positives

Point out the things you enjoyed about your friendship together. You can say something like, “I really enjoyed being your friend.” Share as many positive aspects about your friendship as possible. Breaking off any relationship can leave you both with feelings of hurt, loss or failure. Being able to focus on the positive can help you to face the pain you may feel. In this way, it may be possible for you to part on good terms.

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