How to Tell if Your Boyfriend Has Fallen Out of Love With You

Your boyfriend may be separating himself from you by spending more time with others.
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If your boyfriend has stopped loving you, his attitude, actions and speech are all likely to change. Pay attention to the changes that are evident from the time the relationship began up to this point. You will probably not feel as close or intimate as you had before. You may be acutely aware of the widening physical and emotional space between you. Taking note of the changes in your relationship can help to prepare you to face an impending breakup.

1 Dwindling Romance

Watch for changes. If your boyfriend was the kind to bring flowers or special treats to surprise you but has stopped, you may fear that he has fallen out of love. Romance is the spark that keeps the fire alive in a relationship. If it goes, it is a clear sign that your relationship is in trouble. You may notice that he no longer goes out of his way to make you feel special. He is withdrawing from showing you affection. You are holding hands less often or not at all.

2 No Time

Once, you and your boyfriend went to the movies, dancing or generally enjoyed time together. It may now seem as if everything and everyone else takes priority over you. He puts more of his focus, time and energy on other friends, hobbies or interests. He is making fewer efforts to connect. When you finally run into him you may get the feeling that he hasn't missed you as much as you have him, writes Elly Prior, a counselor, in the article, "How To Spot The Warning Signs Of A Break-Up," on her website.

3 Less Communication

He may be communicating less in order to widen the gap between you, notes Susan Heitler, a psychologist, in the article, "Are You Falling Out of Love? A Quiz on 10 Warning Signs," on Psychology Today online. You may notice that he makes less efforts to call, text or connect through your social media sites. It may appear that you are the one who initiates most of the communication. He may have stopped sharing and is less likely to tell you what is on his mind.

4 Ask Direct Questions

All the signs that you have as clues to your boyfriend's changing feelings may not be enough to confirm what you suspect. Ask him how he is feeling about you and the relationship. Call him to set a time and place where you can speak without being disturbed. Tell him you have noticed the changes in his behavior. Find out what the problem is and work on the issues or make a clean break and move on with your life.

Latoya Newman is a novelist who wrote and published her first novel in 2012. She has a background in education, research and counseling. She taught at the elementary level for eight years, and has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada.