In hot weather, feet get sweaty, even in sandals. Sandals made of anything porous, including suede, will absorb that moisture -- and sooner or later, it will turn rank. If a good airing-out isn't taking care of the stink, it's time for stronger measures. Don't panic; it's true that suede isn't the easiest material in the world to clean, but you don't need shoes spotless, just odor-free.

Step 1

Brush the surface of the footbed with a suede brush to loosen dirt and dust. Removing as much surface dirt as possible helps the deodorizing compound you apply later do its work.

Step 2

Dust the footbed of each sandal liberally with baking powder. You can also use medicated foot powder for this purpose. Gently pat the powder in place.

Step 3

Seal each sandal individually into a zip-top plastic bag.

Step 4

Let them sit overnight.

Step 5

Remove the sandal from the plastic bag in the morning and shake off any excess powder. Wipe uppers clean with a damp rag or towel. Your sandals are now deodorized and ready to wear.