How to Shave Your Hairy Legs in 10 Minutes

Don't attempt to save time by shaving dry skin.
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You've been buried in work with not a minute to spare, when you look up to find that your leg hair has retaken its natural place in the world and your gams are coated in a delicate thicket. Shaving your hairy legs may not seem like a big deal, but it takes more time to do it right than if you shave off those hairs regularly. Your shaving routine doesn't need to take a bite out of your precious day. A steady hand and a few must-haves will cut your shaving time down to 10 minutes or less -- without injuries.

Clip your hair with an electric razor before bathing and shaving if your hair is long or thick. Shaving shorter hair is easier, requires less time and won't be as likely to clog the razor.

Shave your legs with a sharp, clean razor. A dull, clogged razor takes more time and increases the chance of cuts and nicks. A razor with three or more blades is faster and safer than a single-blade razor.

Shave your legs at the end of a warm bath or shower. Two or three minutes in warm water is long enough to open your pores and soften your hair and skin. Avoid hot water -- which dries the hair and skin -- or cold water, which closes up the pores.

Lather your legs with shaving gel or cream, which shortens shaving time because the razor glides smoothly through the lather. The lather also shows you exactly where you've already shaved so you don't waste time by shaving the same place twice.

Shave your legs against the direction of hair growth, beginning at your ankles and working up. Use short strokes and don't press hard.

Rinse your legs quickly with warm water to remove the lather, then pat them dry with a microfiber cloth or soft towel.

Smooth a fragrance-free, alcohol-free lotion over your legs to seal in moisture and soothe shaving irritation.

Rinse your razor under running water, and you're done.

  • You can use shampoo or hair conditioner instead of shaving gel or cream if you're in a pinch, but a shaving product is best because it won't clog the razor as quickly.

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