Customer Service: Phone Etiquette and Tone

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If you work in customer service, it's important to know how to answer the phone, and how to conduct yourself during telephone calls with clients. Using the right tone of voice can make a big difference in making the customer feel comfortable and retaining loyal consumers.

1 Pleasant Tone

It's always best to answer the phone with a pleasant tone of voice that is welcoming and gives the impression that you are ready to help the customer. Smiling while speaking is an ideal way to make sure that your voice sounds cheerful yet professional.

2 Speaking Softly

Speaking in a soft tone of voice may prevent customers from hearing you correctly, which can lead to miscommunication. Be sure to turn the volume up on the phone if your voice is naturally soft, and try to project so that your words are heard clearly.

3 Speaking Loudly

While you do want to speak loud enough for the caller to hear you, it's important not to be too loud, as this can sound harsh and abrasive. Set the phone to medium volume if you have a loud voice by nature, so that your tone is not too overwhelming.

4 Eating and Drinking

In order for your tone of voice to be at just the right volume and your words to be clear, refrain from eating and drinking while on the phone. A mouth full of food or water will make your voice softer than usual, and your words will be difficult to make out.

5 Maintaining Correct Tone

Every customer deserves to get the best service from you each time the phone is answered. If you've just ended a stressful meeting or are having a hard time completing a project, this should not be evident in your voice. If necessary, take a few deep breaths before answering the phone, and keep a mirror next to the phone to remind yourself to smile while speaking.

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