How to Calculate GPA for Core Classes

English is a typical core class.

Your GPA, or grade point average, measures your performance across different classes. Your overall GPA measures your performance in all of your classes, but sometimes you may need to calculate your GPA for your core classes. For example, a college may be concerned that your GPA is inflated with easy, non-core classes so it might limit you to your math, English, science, foreign language and social science classes when determining your GPA.

Identify the classes you have taken that count as core classes. The definitions of core classes may vary, so be sure to double check.

Convert your letter grades in your core classes to numerical equivalents. An A converts to a 4, a B to a 3, a C to a 2, a D to a 1 and an F to a 0.

Multiply the numerical equivalent by the number of hours of credit you received for the class. For example, if you took a three-credit class and got a B, you would multiply 3 by 3 to get 9.

Calculate the total of all the Step 3 results for your core classes. This is your total grade points earned in your core classes.

Divide the number of grade points earned in your core classes by the number of core class credits you have earned. For example, if you earned 75 grade points in your core classes and took 20 hours of core classes, you would divide 75 by 20 to get a core class GPA of 3.75.

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