Taking the PSAT in high school before taking the SAT is a good way to practice for the standardized test. The SAT can be challenging and intimidating. By taking a practice version, you will know what to expect when the day comes for the real test. Remember that your PSAT scores are not a guarantee that you will do well or poorly on the SAT. The PSATs simply offer a gauge as to how prepared you are for the SAT.

Look at your PSAT scores. Each section--critical reading, math and writing--has been scored on a scale of 20 to 80. Twenty is the lowest score possible and 80 is the highest and best score possible.

Add a zero to the end of each of your scores. A 50 would become a 500; a 38 would become a 380 and so on.

Calculate your estimated SAT score. According to Peterson's College Search, a score of 49 before the conversion, or a 490 after the conversion, is an average score for an 11th grade student in any of the sections.

Figure out your areas of weakness. Because this was simply a practice test, you now know what you need to prepare for before taking the actual SAT.