There are many ways to prepare for the Test of Essential Academic Skills.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills is a proctored pre-admission test used by many nursing schools. With sections in math, science, English and language usage, the TEAS assesses students’ overall ability to succeed in a typical nursing program. There are many ways to prepare for a requisite TEAS exam, depending on students’ current skill sets and subject-matter competencies.

Use a TEAS Study Guide

TEAS study guides are available either for purchase via various online companies or for free through participating websites. offers free TEAS study guides designed to function as digitized “index cards.” Students can practice memorizing important key terms associated with the English section of the test and then take an online quiz to reinforce what they’ve learned. For a price, Assessment Technologies Institute offers a study manual that includes a detailed glossary of key terms, multiple practice tests and multiple test problems with detailed answer keys.

Take a TEAS Prep Test

Taking a TEAS practice exam will give you a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses. Subject-specific practice tests are available on the Internet for free via TEAS preparation websites like While taking a practice test, students will not only get extra practice with TEAS test questions in all four test sections, they will also get an idea of pacing and time-management.

Take a TEAS Review Course

There are many professional websites that offer online TEAS preparation courses designed to sharpen your TEAS skill set. Critical Care Training Center and BenchPrep are two websites that offer TEAS preparation courses. Though many test prep organizations charge a fee to enroll, there are some websites, like Test Prep Review, that offer free lessons and self-administered “training modules.” Most online TEAS preparation courses offer thousands of practice questions and multiple online quizzes to help flex and strengthen your TEAS muscles. Many paid programs offer some kind of money-back guarantee that you will, indeed, raise your TEAS score by enrolling in the course.

Hire a Private TEAS Tutor

For a fee, you can hire a private TEAS tutors to provide focused, one-on-one training. Various test preparation agencies, such as iHireHelp and TutorUniverse, can be found online. Tutors are often available for both online and one-on-one training. Such agencies can pair you up with an experienced tutor to fit your particular needs. Many tutors will start off by assessing your current TEAS skill set, usually by administering a practice test or quiz. Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, the tutor will then customize a private academic plan designed to address your trouble areas.