Can a Camcorder Be Used As a Web Cam?

Camcorders can be webcams with the right cables and software.
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It is technologically possible for you to use a camcorder, with its superior image quality, as a webcam for your computer. You'll need to be able to connect the camcorder to your computer and the hardware drivers that let Windows use the camcorder as a video-capture device.

1 Connecting the Camcorder

You need to have a port on your computer that matches the port the camcorder uses for exporting video, such as USB, Firewire or DVI. If your computer doesn't have the right port you can either buy an adapter for a port you do have, or purchase a new hardware card for your computer with the necessary ports.

2 Driver Support

Window may have built-in driver support for your camcorder. However, if it doesn't recognize the device when you plug it in you'll need to install its driver software. This may have come with the device itself or you can download it from the manufacturer's website.

3 Camcorder to Webcam

Once Windows recognizes your camcorder as a video input device, you will be able to select the camcorder as your video source for your streaming or video conference software.

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