How to Calculate GRE Scores From ACTs

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The ACT is a college entrance exam and has no official concordance with the GRE, a graduate school entrance exam. It is, however, possible to predict your performance on the GRE based loosely on your past performance on the ACT using an ACT-SAT concordance chart. However, it should be noted that this prediction is in no way definitive, and you can reasonably expect to differ substantially upon writing the actual GRE.

  • ACT score
  • ACT-SAT concordance chart

1 Use a Concordance Chart

2 Compare your ACT score

Compare your ACT score to the projected equivalent SAT score using a concordance chart. Your ACT Composite score (verbal and math) is comparable to the SAT Critical Reading and Math combined scores. Your ACT English/Writing score is comparable to the SAT Writing score.

3 Identify the percentile

Identify the percentile of your projected equivalent SAT scores.

4 Locate a definitive table

Locate a definitive table of GRE percentiles and the test scores they encompass. Using the percentile you calculated from your projected SAT score based on ACT performance, you can identify the range of scores you can expect you receive on the GRE.

5 Remember that the GRE

Remember that the GRE is a very different test from both the ACT and the SAT. The GRE assumes a body of knowledge that you acquired during college, whereas the ACT and SAT test skills and knowledge you acquired in high school. Preparing for the GRE is essential, as the question types are very different and can take some getting used to.

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