Basic Diet for Marine Corps Training

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When preparing for military basic training, the biggest piece of advice you will receive is to exercise often and build up your strength. Many recruits overlook the fact that a healthy, balanced diet goes hand-in-hand with exercise. By eating a proper diet before you head off to Marine Corps basic training, also known as boot camp, you will be more prepared for the rigorous training you will receive. You will also lessen the chances of injury. This can all be accomplished by making a few simple changes to your diet.

1 Benefits

There are many benefits to eating a healthy, balanced diet before entering Marine Corps boot camp. You want to shed excess weight, and prepare your body for the strain of training. Eating a balanced diet will also prepare your body for the meals that you will be eating during boot camp. And it helps to lessen the withdrawal symptoms that you might experience when you cut out fatty, sugary foods from your diet during training.

2 Drink Water

Water is the key component in any healthy diet. Water keeps your body hydrated, and flushes out impurities. You'll also be forced to drink lots of water once you get to boot camp, so it is best to prepare early. As you raise your water intake, slowly cut out caffeine and sugar-filled beverages. This will prepare your body for training, and lessen the withdrawal symptoms that you would experience by cutting out these beverages cold turkey. This will also contribute to weight loss.

3 Protein

Protein helps build muscle and strengthen your body. By strengthening your muscles, you will also lessen the chances of a bone injury during training. Increasing the amount of protein you eat is a great way to ensure that you are ready for boot camp.

4 Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits not only contribute to weight loss, they are also a filling alternative to other foods. You can eat larger portions of fruits and vegetables, and take in less calories than if you were to eat meat or breads. If you don't like raw vegetables, consider steaming your veggies. Adding cheese or other sauces that are high in fat can negate the benefits of eating vegetables, so choose wisely.

5 Carbohydrates

Carbs are a good source of energy. However, carbs can also contribute to weight gain. If you are looking to lose weight before boot camp, limit your intake of carbs. If you are looking to gain weight, consider increasing your daily carbohydrate intake. And choose your carbs wisely. Bread and rice are great, healthy sources of carbs. Donuts and sugary cereals are poor choices.

Based in Oklahoma, Maggie O'Leary has been writing professionally since 2001. O'Leary has served in the United States military since 1997 and is a two-time OIF veteran. She has been published in several local military and civilian newspapers and national media outlets including "The Washington Post" and CNN. O'Leary has a Bachelor of Arts in history and legal studies.