The National Honor Society (NHS) is a well-recognized academic group that promotes positive, productive behavior and academic success. NHS members are role models who other students should strive to emulate in academic performance and character. Every NHS chapter is governed by the school administration. If you are denied admission to the NHS, you can file an appeal to have the decision overturned.

Step 1

Determine who is in charge of National Honor Society applications at your school. The appeal procedure requires that appeals be filed with this individual. Do not attempt to circumvent this individual by appealing to your school's administration. Failure to follow the appeals procedure can result in your appeal being ignored or denied.

Step 2

Compose a written appeal in the form of a business letter. Explain why your application should be reconsidered. Make specific references to your scholarship, leadership, character and service qualities that National Honor Society holds as its core principles. Do not bash or insult members of the selection committee, even if you feel that your rejection was unjust. That would be seen as an act unbecoming of a National Honor Society Member.

Step 3

File your appeal within 10 days of your application for membership being rejected. Your appeal will be reviewed by the committee in charge of National Honor Society and the principal of your school. They will decide whether the rejection should be overturned. You will be notified orally or in writing of their decision.