3 Mains Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Have to Wear School Uniforms

3 Mains Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Have to Wear School Uniforms
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Although many schools across the country require that their student body come dressed in a uniform, others do not require that children adhere to a predetermined policy. Allowing students to make their own determinations regarding dress code teaches them to make their own decisions and allows them to express their unique personal styles.

1 Expensive

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Uniforms, especially those that have color and style requirements for every part of the outfit, are not easy for many parents to afford. Adults who have elementary aged children in school are especially prone to financial difficulties, as younger students participate in excessive physical play and are not always careful to protect their clothing. Additionally, young people of all ages change their styles on a regular basis and grow rapidly, resulting in the abandonment of old clothing and requiring the purchase of new accessories.

2 Uncreative

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Students of all ages, especially those who are making the transition from childhood to adolescence, are naturally creative and yearn to express themselves in everything they do. Requiring that children wear uniforms on a daily basis stifles their ability to display their artistic talent and forces them to conform to standards that are purely subjective.

3 Misleading

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Although student bodies of schools with uniform requirements may appear orderly and controlled, they are not protected from the formation of cliques and gangs. Children who are exposed early to styles that are not exactly like theirs learn to withhold judgment on the basis of outward appearances.

4 Demeaning

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Most students who are required to wear uniforms consistently express strong distaste for them. Although many adults have overcome self-consciousness and are indifferent to criticism, young people are especially prone to the onset of insecurity and low self-esteem. Allowing students to wear what makes them feel the most comfortable will prevent them from feeling embarrassed and enable them to place confidence in their unique personal identity.