10 Signs You Need to Drop Your Girlfriend

If constant fighting leaves you drained, it may be time to move on.
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The honeymoon period of your relationship has ended and problems may have started to appear more often. You might be thinking you just hit a slight bump in the road and can work through things. But sometimes, no matter how hard you may want to hang on, there are just some telltale signs that you need to drop your girlfriend.

1 You are Not Happy

There really is one sur-fire sign in a relationship that things need to change for the better, and that is your lack of happiness. If you are no longer getting that happy feeling from your relationship, it may be time to end things. Before making the final decision, however, remember that everyone goes through a rough patch at one time or another, so try to really think things through before jumping the gun. If your bad days are outweighing the good ones, you may want to consider dropping her.

2 You No Longer Enjoy Her Company

It was exciting and fun to spend time together in the beginning of your relationship, but now it feels like work. If you find yourself actively trying to avoid meeting her, or leave the room as soon as she enters, you may want to consider ending the relationship. When she begins to irritate you and you just cannot stomach the idea of being together, it is best for both of you if you end things now.

3 You Are Constantly Fighting

Fighting is common between couples, but if you find yourself constantly in battle with her day in and out, that may be a sign of something else. If the fights between the two of you are getting to be much more personal and dirty, these are not the kinds of fights that help to build up your relationship at all. If you have a feeling that you two differ so much in the way you look at things that you don't believe this will be overcome, it's probably a sign to end things.

4 She's Keeping Secrets From You

One of the most basic principles in a relationship is trust. And while we all keep our own small secrets from others, it is troublesome when she is keeping bigger secrets from you. By not sharing significant details about her day-to-day life, such as work and her friends, this can hurt your relationship. While personal space is important, keeping secrets like this is a killer and may be a sign that she is hiding something.

5 Communication is Minimal

Communication helps to move a relationship forward, and when you are lacking in that department, it can do more harm than good. Communication in today's day and age differs so much from before. Gone are the days of simply communicating verbally with one another. When she starts ignoring your calls, texts or messages, it may be a sign that she is not willing to communicate with you. A relationship cannot grow if both partners are not communicating frequently to one another.

6 No Effort is Made

In order to keep your relationship thriving and growing, both parties must be willing to make an effort. If it seems like she is more willing to sit at home watching television instead of going out with you, this may be a sign that it's time to move on. When she seems to lack interest in keeping the passion alive in your relationship, you may want to consider taking things in a different direction and ending it.

7 Contact With Her Ex-Boyfriends

There is a fine line between being friends and being something more. While it's not advisable to turn into a jealous, obsessive boyfriend, her friendship with exes should not interfere at all with your relationship. If she insists on having constant contact with them through social media, phone and email, it may be a sign that there is more going on. Openly discuss why she feels she needs to keep close ties on them. If you do not get the answer that is comforting to you, it may be a sign to put an end to the relationship.

8 Condescending or Arrogant Attitude

If her opinions and attitude toward you seems to be a bit patronizing or condescending, you may not be meant to be. While opposites do attract, and differing opinions can be healthy, she should not be constantly putting you down. If she seems to always play your feelings down, or claims you are just being silly, this could be a time to cut ties and move on.

9 No Discussions About the Future

If you seem to be the only one that wants your relationship to grow and move forward, it may be a sign she's really not that in to you. When the mere mention of commitment sends her running in the opposite direction, perhaps you may want to do the same and move on.

10 Sex Life Has Stalled

Every relationship has a bump in the road in the intimacy department from time to time. But when she stops making an effort to be intimate with you, and begins to make excuses to avoid sex, you may have an issue. Sex should be an act that you both enjoy and want to participate in, not a reward to one or the other. If she starts to dangle sex as a reward that you need to earn, it's time to reconsider the relationship all together.

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