What Do I Do if Someone Steals My Best Friend?

A best friend's new pal can leave you feeling left out.
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One afternoon, you and your best friend are playing football or tennis together or sharing the ins and outs of your lives. The next day, phone calls go without answer and your best friend has found a new buddy. While this can be painful, it may not be too late to rekindle your friendship.

1 Spending Time Together

Maybe your best friend and her new pal enjoy seeing movies together or going for a run. New friends can meet all different kinds of needs. Think about what you and your best friend enjoy doing together and give her a call, advises the PBS Kids article, "When Friends Fight." Maybe the friendship formed because each of you enjoyed a particular activity that you have moved away from in recent months. Rediscovering that hobby may restore your friendship.

2 Don't Worry

While you may feel rejected, your best friend may not realize how he is hurting you. It is normal to have several friends and to have different relationships with each of them, according to the KidsHealth.com article, "What it Means to be a Friend." This can also be an opportunity for you to spend more time with old friends or acquaintances.

3 Talking it Out

If you are consistently pushed out of your best friend's life, arrange a calm time to discuss the issue. You might say, "I feel lonely and hurt when you spend so much time with your new friend. I don't understand why you and I can't spend more time together." If your friend gets defensive or angry, agree to discuss the issue at another time. If she explains that something you are doing has upset her, consider whether this is true.

4 Moving On

Some friendships stand the test of time, while other friendships are not made to last. If your best friend has moved on because of something you have done, it may be time to apologize. You might say, "I am sorry about the way I have talked to you lately. I am going to work on it," according to the PBS Kids article, "When Friends Fight." In other cases, an apology may not do the trick. It may be time to make new friends. Joining clubs at school or planning activities with other friends can help you feel less lonely, according to the HealthyChildren.org's article, "Making Friends in High School."

Candice Coleman worked in the public school system as a middle school and high school substitute teacher. In addition to teaching, she is also a tutor for high school and college students.