Can You Really Rekindle a Relationship by Being Friends?

Talk as friends to renew and rebuild intimacy.
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A healthy relationship is based on trust, honesty, mutual respect, good communication and shared interests, notes the KidsHealth article "Am I in a Healthy Relationship?" If your romantic relationship is broken, you might be able to reignite the spark by being just friends for a while.

1 Learn to Trust Again

Being friends can help you rebuild trust that was broken during the romantic relationship. Trust is important for the success of any relationship. You can both show that you are trustworthy by calling when you say you will and checking in to verify that the other person is doing alright. Show up when you say you will. Trust also involves being a good confidante. If your friend tells you a secret, nothing should cause you to betray that trust. When you know that you can trust her completely, you can forge a deeper, more intimate connection with your romantic partner

2 Practice Better Communication

Taking a break from romance to be just friends can bring you back to a foundation of good communication in your relationship. Spend time talking about things that do not involve planning a date or whispering romantic sayings. Friends share things openly, notes the Psych Central article "Put the Friendship Back into Your Relationship Today." Talk about issues that are bothering you, such as the tension at home between your parents or your fears about changing schools. Share plans, dreams and goals for the future. Take time to really listen to each other. In these ways, you will both feel appreciated and understood.

3 Be Supportive

Friends can often be more selfless in their support of each other than romantic partners are. Be there for him when he is having a rough time balancing heavy course work with a part-time job. Make time for each other when one of you needs to vent or just to release some pressure by kicking back and relaxing. Be a sounding board when she needs to talk. Encourage each other to try harder and to be better people. As friends, you sometimes put the needs of the other person over your own. Being strong supports for each other can strengthen your bond.

4 Chances of Failure

Keep in mind that your romance cannot be revived through friendship if one of you is not interested in getting back together. Even while you work on your friendship, your partner may be building an intimate connection with someone else. Consider too that whatever caused your relationship to go sour may prevent you from re-establishing a romantic partnership. Some issues, such as family problems or betrayal, may need to be tackled to be resolved. In some instances, being friends may not be enough to rekindle a romantic relationship.

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