There are different reasons why you might need to write letters for a school administration. You may need to write a letter of recommendation for a student or employee, you might have to write to students’ families about a potential issue, or you may have to write to the school board. Any letter you have to write for the school administration should be a formal business style letter. The letter needs to be professional and typed.

Use the school administration letterhead. Place the date in the top left hand corner underneath the letterhead.

Type the specific name and address of who is receiving the letter. If it is a mass letter, for instance to parents, skip this step.

Address the letter to a specific person, if you are able to. If you are writing the letter to a specific person, use the format "Dear. Mr. Smith." If the letter is a general letter to parents, address the letter as such.

Open your letter with an explanation of why you are writing the letter. Be concise.

Add any supplementary details in the next paragraph or two. If you have any specific points to make, they should go in this section. If you are writing a letter of recommendation for the school administration, explain why you are recommending the person with individual details.

Close the letter with any necessary follow-up such as scheduled meetings or appointments. If your letter is going to parents, you may want to list the next school board meeting or PTA meeting for parents to attend. Include your contact information.

Proofread your letter. Make sure there are no typos, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Sign your name and distribute the letter.