Whether you lied, cheated or did something to offend her, winning your ex back takes a blend of creativity, caring and charisma. If she won't see you in person, "de-friended" you on social media and won't take your phone calls, texting her may be your only option. That said, knowing what to say and how to write it can make the difference between getting her back and pushing her even farther away.

Get Clear

Before you start sending your ex text after text, begging for her back, get clear about what you really want. Ask yourself why you want her back and what you hope to get out of a reunion. For example, if you only want her back because you're lonely, don't start texting her. On the other hand, if you're 100 percent sure that whatever broke you up was just a temporary glitch, give it a try. When you truly clarify what you want and why you want it, take your cell out and put what's in your mind -- and your heart -- into words.

Keep It Clean

While it's acceptable to send your ex a flirty text when you're trying to win her back, avoid going overboard and sending her inappropriate messages. Be romantic, in a completely clean way. Don't send messages that allude to physical intimacy or include risque photos of yourself. Aside from running the risk of crossing your ex's boundaries, sending graphic texts can turn embarrassing or even dangerous if she forwards them to her friends or classmates. You can send sweet or sentimental texts, making sure that they have nothing to do with the physical side of your attraction. For example text her something along the lines of, "U r my tru luv" or "U r my one and only."

Picture Texts

Refraining from picture texts that are too revealing doesn't mean that you can't send a photo. Have a friend snap a picture of you looking sweet. For example, dress in a nice suit and hold a bouquet of flowers for your photo. After you text her the apologetic picture, show up at her house with the flowers or have them delivered to her. Another option is to take pictures of places that are special to the two of you, such as the restaurant where you had your first date or the park bench where you first said "I love you." Text her these photos to remind her of your lost love.

Perfect Prose

If you don't have complete confidence in your skills as a writer -- or rather, texter -- take a tip from a pro. Instead of trying to come up with your own creative quips, use a line or two from a famous poet or a popular song. Choose something that's short and to the point. Your ex doesn't want to get 27 texts that, when put together properly, equal one paragraph from your favorite love story. Go with something that fits within one, at most two, texts.