Why I Want to Be an Army Officer

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For many young people the chance to become an Army officer is a lifetime dream. They have been preparing for this career through hours of studying and staying physically fit. Below are some of the most common reasons why being commissioned as an Army officer is a goal.

1 To Serve Your Country

One of the biggest motivators to be an Army officer is to serve your country. Those who are interested in being in the military usually have a love for their country and would like to be able to give something back for the opportunity they have received.

2 Educational Benefits

Commissions are granted by the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), a military academy (West Point for the Army) or Officers Candidate School (OCS). Regardless of the route to a commission, educational benefits result. ROTC includes eligibility for a college scholarship; all expenses are paid at any one of the military academies; OCS graduation includes eligibility for the GI Bill.

3 Tradition

In many families, being an Army officer is a tradition. It is this sense of wanting to follow in their relatives' footsteps that causes many people to want to be part of the military.

4 Cost of Living Allowance

An Army officer gets a housing allowance and is eligible for post housing. It amounts to a perk over and above base salary.

5 The Chance to See the World

Being an Army officer almost always means travel. For many young people the chance to be able to experience different counties and cultures is enticing. In the Army you can see the world and be paid while you are doing it.

6 The Chance to Be a Leader

The Army has hundreds of thousands of soldiers; all need someone to lead them. For those who are natural-born leaders this is an opportunity to be able to gain quality, hands-on leadership experience.

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