What Is the Chinese Custom of Not Wearing Shoes?

Many Chinese people remove their shoes and wear slippers in the home.

The Chinese culture is just one of the many cultures around the world that practices the tradition of shoe removal upon entering the home. There are reasons for this ancient practice.

1 History

According to Asian Lifestyle Design, traditional Asian homes were built about two feet off the ground. It was common practice for people to remove their shoes before stepping up into the home. This practice was carried into modern times.

2 Practice

Many Chinese people remove their shoes before entering their home and expect that visitors do the same. Slippers or socks are sometimes made available for comfort. Shoes are often stored on a shoe rack which is either kept in a closet or just outside the door.

3 Reasons

Cleanliness within the home is important in Asian culture. Traditionally, much of Chinese lifestyle was centered on the floor and it was important to keep the floors as clean as possible. Removing shoes prevents the dirt and grime from the outdoors from being tracked into the home. Being barefoot is also seen as an important part of a healthy lifestyle.