How to Make Scented Potpourri With Rice & Oils

Uncooked white rice proves to be absorbent enough to take fragrant oils.

Homemade aromatics provide your home with fresh scents that inspire feelings of calm, energy or enlightenment, depending on the blend of scents. One way to introduce these fragrances into your home's environment is to create potpourri. Homemade potpourri can comprise many materials but rice proves to be an absorbent base for fragrant oils. Using rice to create an oil potpourri provides you with a plethora of options when it comes to freshening the air in your home.

Add a cup of uncooked white rice to a plastic zipper bag. A sandwich bag also works for this task. Choose either long-grain or short-grain rice.

Introduce an ounce of essential oil to the bag containing the rice. Secure the bag closed.

Shake the bag vigorously to mix the oils into the grains of uncooked rice for about a minute. Let the bag sit in a cool, dark area for about three days. An ideal spot can be on a paper plate in your linen closet or pantry.

Pour the contents of the plastic bag into the glass apothecary jar and put the lid on it.

  • Use the rice potpourri by removing the lid and allowing the jar to "breathe" for a few hours a day.

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