Webelos Pins & Colors

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The Webelos are groups of the oldest boys in Cub Scouts. Once a boy reaches this status, he is said to be a member of a Webelos den. Webelos boys do more grown-up things with an emphasis on a young man's growth and future. To mark his achievements, a Webelo earns colors and pins that become part of his scouting uniform to denote significant accomplishments.

1 Colors

The original Webelos uniform included the wearing of honor "colors." These were strips of woven ribbons in green, red and yellow and were worn on the right sleeve, just under the den number, and attached with a blue and gold Webelos signet bar pin. In the late 1980s, the Boy Scouts of America organization sought to eliminate the mandatory wearing of Webelos colors. Now, it is considered a choice to be made by the individual packs.

If a pack chooses to incorporate the colors as part of their uniform, the ribbons are earned in order. A boy can first earn a green tab that indicates knowledge of the Webelos Scout oath and laws. Next comes the red; the red ribbon signifies the achievement of any three activity badges. And finally, a boy can earn the yellow ribbon after three consecutive months in a Webelos pack. Yellow also denotes a boy who is consistently active and has employed exceptional performance within the pack.

2 Pins

There are 20 activity achievement pins Webelos can earn. These pins are categorized into five separate groups. The scout handbook lists pin requirements and are to be signed off by a parent or the den leader. Many of these activities should be accomplished in the presence of a parent or other responsible adult.

3 Pin Groups

Within the Webelos dens the terms pin and badge are interchangeable. Once an activity is accomplished, an actual pin is earned to be worn on the uniform.

The activity groups can be addressed in any order and the list begins with Physical skills. This group encompasses the Aquanaut, Athlete, Fitness and Sportsman pins. In the Mental skills group, categories are Artist, Scholar, Showman and Traveler. The Community group holds the Citizen, Communicator, Family and Readyman pins. Technology achievement pins are for Craftsman, Engineer, Handyman and Scientist. And finally, the Outdoors category. In this group are the Forester, Geologist, Naturalist and Outdoorsman pins.

4 Wearing Webelos Pins

Webelos activity pins can be pinned as attachments on the colors. If a den does not sanction the wearing of colors, activity pins should be worn on the plaid front panel of the Webelos cap. The Boy Scouts of America recognizes that many young men will gravitate toward earning the pins in areas that he feels expressly proficient, but within the Webelos den, it is recommended to attempt a variety of activity accomplishments.